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Volunteer of the Week: Ray Hollingsworth

by Friends of NRA Staff - Monday, April 17, 2017

Volunteer of the Week: Ray Hollingsworth

This week we recognize Chairman Ray Hollingsworth, volunteer of two years with the North East Texas Friends of NRA.

During his service, Ray has sold over 150 banquet tickets bringing in more than $5,700, sold nine sponsorships totaling more than $10,000, arranged underwriting for 16 items equaling $6,290, and has acquired 31 donations valued over $6,300.

“Ray and the volunteers of his committee are what make the program such a success,” said NRA Field Representative Terry Free. “They understand the program and its mission and commit themselves wholeheartedly.”
He's not afraid
to think outside
the box.

The North East Texas Friends of NRA initiated in 2015 and was credited to raising the highest net for a first year committee nationwide. Since its inception, they’ve netted more than $120,000 with nearly 500 attendees.

“Ray is an extremely active leader,” said Terry. “He’s not afraid to think outside the box.”

That style of leadership is what’s helped Ray and his team achieve immense success in two short years and what motivates him to continue pushing the bar.
He talks about the program whenever he has the opportunity.
Ray’s enthusiasm for helping others, especially when it comes to the shooting sports, has also lead him to be a strong advocate for the Grant Program where financial support is given to eligible projects and programs from The NRA Foundation. “He talks about the program whenever he has the opportunity,” shared Terry.

The Second Amendment and preserving everything associated to its meaning is everything to Ray. His involvement with Friends of NRA has given him the ability to fight for the cause he firmly believes in and the ability to make an imprint on tomorrow’s generation in the shooting sports.

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