Did you know we offer more services than just custom and prefab countertop installation? Our high-quality stone can be used around the home as well as outside! Planet Stone is your renovation and installation partner in the LA area.

#1 Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Our most popular projects are our custom and prefab countertops for kitchens and bathrooms! Natural stone is a heat and water resistant material that is easy to clean – so they don’t just look good, but make your life easier too. That’s why natural stone countertops have become a favorite in the interior design industry over the past few years.

Happy with your current countertops? We also specialize in vanity as well as wet-bar tops.

#2 Furniture and Fireplaces

Two other types of common projects are tabletops for furniture pieces and stone fireplaces. A fresh tabletop can bring life into an old piece without much effort. Stone fireplaces are always a conversation starter and increase the general value of your home.

#3 Walls and Flooring

Can’t get enough natural stone? Custom walls or flooring are a great choice to bring more natural stone in your home. Stone walls can be neutral, so they will fit into any color palette and theme you currently have in your home.  

#4 Outside Projects

Since natural stone is very durable and requires only occasional sealing (depending on the type of stone), it an optimal material for outside projects. Contact us today with our free estimate form to discuss your ideas!

Since the majority of our projects are custom, the stone is cut to the specific dimensions of your space. Once the stone has been cut, it will be sent to your location ready for installation. Contact us today at 818-890-0810 to get started!