As a professional courier company, delivery is our business. We understand the importance of handling fragile Murfreesboro packages with the highest levels of care. Many people do not take the proper measures to protect their fragile items. Unfortunately, when items are packed incorrectly, it is sometimes inevitable that fragile items become damaged during the shipping process.

We recently picked up a Murfreesboro package from one of our courier delivery service customers in Nashville, VA who had no idea how to pack their fragile items. Here are some tips for packing fragile items for safe and successful delivery.

Start With the Right Shipping Container

Begin by making sure you’re using the right shipping container. Cardboard boxes are pretty standard when it comes to shipping containers, but other options may be better suited depending on what you’re mailing. Even when choosing cardboard boxes, it’s important to realize that not all cardboard is created equal. Some boxes are designed with thicker cardboard and thus better shock absorbency to protect your items. The sturdier the container the better when it comes to shipping fragile items.

Make Sure to Label Fragile Murfreesboro Packages

Taking the time to label your Murfreesboro package as fragile can make more of a difference than you might realize. Adding a “fragile” sticker to your Murfreesboro package before shipping it tells the delivery person that the Murfreesboro package needs to handled with extra levels of caution. You can either adhere a “fragile” label directly to the Murfreesboro package or write it on the Murfreesboro package in red or otherwise bold ink.

Use the Right Padding/Cushioning

When packing breakable items, make sure you’re using plenty of padding and cushioning for extra shock absorbency. Bubble wrap is a popular choice here, but there are plenty of other options as well. Padding options can include foam peanuts and even tissue paper or crumpled newspaper. The right padding for the job will depend on the specific item(s) you’re packaging and shipping.

Pack Items Closely Together

When packing multiple fragile items, such as glasses or plates, try to pack items closely together so that they fit as snugly in the box as possible. Packing items too loosely can allow them to slide or otherwise move around, which can make them more prone to breaking or other damage.

Consider Special Care Needs

Certain types of items have specific needs when it comes to packing and care, so be sure to consult with your delivery company to inquire about special packaging and shipping accommodations. For example, if you’re looking to ship items that are sensitive to humidity or temperature extremes, you may need to pack the item into a hard-shell case that will protect it from the elements.

Taking the time to properly Murfreesboro package fragile items for shipping and delivery can make all the difference in how they arrive at your destination. It is also important to choose the right delivery company. We hope these tips will help you more confidently Murfreesboro package your fragile items. If you have any questions or need additional guidance on packing a specific item, our courier team is always here to help. Feel free to contact us today!