Systems Engineering

HCS uses industry-proven best practices to design, build and integrate your enterprise strategy. We work with our customers to determine the appropriate media to transmit signals, the communications protocols used to organize network traffic, network scale, network topology, benefits, and organizational scope.

Working with your team, we’ll design your network from the ground up, creating a blueprint that’s right for your organization. We’ll help you extract value from your existing infrastructure to effectively manage your Total Cost of Ownership. Whether designing a migration strategy, implementing a mobile solution, moving to the cloud or integrating SaaS, we have the professionals to help you meet your objectives.

Business Intelligence
Big Data…little problems. There is a 40% projected increase in global data generated every year vs. only 5% growth in global IT spending. Let us help you understand and leverage the datasets whose size is simply beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze. We look at raw data, analyze, and transform it in to real, usable information for our Government partners in order to maximize their business intelligence.

HCS sustains the network from bottom to top, providing LAN Systems Administration, IV&V and development, proactive engineering, design and architecture, and the development of policies and procedures.

Application Development

Application Development Services
We deliver business value with custom application development, testing and quality assurance. We use Agile development methodology to build applications for all the standard platforms such as .NET, JAVA and Microsoft.

Training Application Modules
We apply behavioral sciences training techniques into our instructional systems development solutions that enhance the training experience by improving learning retention through interactive scenerio-based human system designs. Our strong software engineering pedigree combines with training strategies to deliver progressive knowledge building platforms that engage full sensory impact animated visualizations as a heightened learning approach for a broad range of instructional and business management systems.

You’re constantly on the move; stay connected, stay secure. There are essentially 4 steps to securing your mobile devices: development, testing, deployment and maintenance. Let’s secure the mobile application itself by examining the entire mobile application development lifecycle.

SharePoint Development
We use SharePoint tools not only to create flexible, moldable web applications across multiple platforms, but also as a secure document management platform. Customer Relationship Manager – HCS uses CRM applications in order to propel our customers in to a real-time data analytics capability.

Financial Management Systems
HCS enhances operational efficiencies by providing centralized management and support of our customer’s financial and accounting systems. Improve your business agility and create a competitive advantage by maximizing the value of your technology investments.

.Net Framework Systems
HCS’s .NET development provides simple, easy to navigate web applications with capabilities ranging from data entry to Silverlight capable interactive media experiences.

HCS Consulting Services

Whether you are migrating from a legacy network or to a cloud environment, HCS Solutions is the ideal choice for implementing Microsoft solutions. We provide an unparalleled level of service by leveraging the power and functionality of Microsoft products across the entire enterprise.

Our Microsoft Technologies Consulting services addresses all aspects of designing and deploying a Wındows-based infrastructure and an advanced IT services construct. Service offerings cover the areas of Architecture and Planning, Deployment and Support, Application Development, and Operations and Management.

We also provide comprehensive engineering and project management services to ensure that each HCS Solutions solution satisfies all of your network and business/mission requirements. Everything from enhancing productivity and quality of service to deploying on time and within budget.

Business Process Re-engineering
HCS Solutions offers the full Business Process review cycle for our clients. We identify, analyze, design, test, and implement processes that are scalable and reusable.

We look at as-is architecture and recommend structural improvements to increase the productivity and reliability of your network.

Enterprise Strategy
HCS Solutions develops plans, policies, and approaches to promote Enterprise Secure Network compliance with security and technological strategies. Our IT Strategy and Planning Services provide solutions that reach beyond the capabilities of technology and focus on business/mission drivers, resources, and activities required to promote highly effective and efficient programs in the planning, design, and implementation of IT infrastructures and operations.

Our proven mission and networking expertise uniquely qualifies us to provide services that map business/mission objectives to required technology solutions, analyze the cost implications of such solutions, and define the operational design needed to support the planned IT infrastructure.

We support the Independent Verification and Validation of different IT systems and facilitate Risk Management Strategies in order to ensure not only reliability, but cost effectiveness.

Policies and Procedures
HCS coordinates with our customers to develop policies and procedures that streamline processes saving time and money.

IT Operation and Maintenance

Enterprise Operations
HCS has a long history of providing Enterprise Operations to client’s UNIX, Microsoft, Windows Server, and mainframe environments spanning SCI, Collateral, and Unclassified local and wide area networks.

Network Operations
HCS delivers IT Operations and Maintenance support to keep mission critical enterprise systems functioning and secured. We offer a full range of technical and professional services in support of our customer’s operations centers, facilities and personnel.

Service Desk Orchestration
Using ITIL v3 based practices our Service Desk support employees solve all of your internal facing IT needs. Our employees are educated, credentialed, and possess all of the necessary certifications and clearances before they come to work.

Life Cycle Management
We manage and monitor your products from conception to design all the way through service and disposal. We coordinate with Government personnel in order to make the proper trade off analysis once product reaches end life to make sure you get the best value.

Data Center Support
HCS has extensive experience operating, consolidating and migrating Data Centers throughout the US. We can help you reduce your total cost of ownership, elevate operational efficiencies, increase security and consolidate applications.

Cloud Services Consulting

HCS Solutions provides Cloud Services Consulting expertise that yields adaptable, performance-driven IT service capacity. HCS is recognized as a Cloud Solutions innovator in the federal sector – borne from our malleable and elastic solutions for Classified, Unclassified, On / Off Premise enterprise “Data Center Services Done Right”. HCS augments our mature solutions with platform-based industry talent to optimize enterprise transformation from traditional brick and mortar to a managed cloud solution tailored to the availability, performance, and capacity demands of the our customers – the result is superior customer experience and cost avoidances that are difficult to match.

Microsoft® Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time and money and liberate valued resources. Microsoft Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services—including Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, and Microsoft Lync™ Online—to help users be productive from virtually anywhere via the Internet.

HCS Solutions is proud to be a Microsoft Cloud Deployment Program partner. It is our goal to enable you to achieve your mission and business goals by providing professional consulting services that assists you in migrating applications, services and data to the cloud.